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Developer Interview

Basarat Ali Syed

14 May 2018

Episode 005: today’s guest is Basarat Ali Syed - a Melbourne based developer extremely active in the global TypeScript community. Basarat is a Microsoft MVP, has written two books has done many presentations and contributes to TypeScript open source projects. TypeScript tag on Stack Overflow Basarat Microsoft MVP Basarat on Basarat's LinkedIn download interview mp3
Basarat Ali Syed
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Apr 2018

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CTO Interview - Containerchain

Rick Frankel

1 May 2018

Episode 004: today’s guest is Rick Frankel - Chief Technology Officer of Containerchain - a company started in Melbourne that provides a platform for optimising and managing land-side movement of shipping containers.

Containerchain website download interview mp3
Rick Frankel
CTO Interview - Stax

Dave Slutzkin

24 Apr 2018

Episode 003: today’s guest is Dave Slutzkin - Founding General Manager of Stax - a Melbourne based startup that provides tools for analyzing Amazon Web Services usage, identifies potential problems and opportunities for improvement, and recommends ways to reduce Amazon Web Services costs.

Stax website download interview mp3
Dave Slutzkin
CTO Interview - Glow

Douglas Reith

17 Apr 2018

Episode 002: today’s guest is Douglas Reith - CTO of Glow - a Melbourne based startup that gives its clients insights into retail consumer and customer behaviour. Douglas tells us how Domain Driven Design (DDD) has influenced Glow's architecture, their use of the CQRS pattern, the strangely named "Predaddy" library, Glow's PHP based microservices implementation and where AngularJS is heading.

Catch Douglas at Laracon Australia Sydney Oct 2018 where he will be giving a talk about microservices + PHP

Doug on Twitter Glow website download interview mp3
Douglas Reith CTO Glow
CTO Interview - Rotageek

Nick Mann

27 Mar 2018

Episode 001: today’s guest started Rotageek with two co-founders. Their initial go-to-market attempt didn't go as planned but they pivoted and things are going better than ever. Nick Mann tells us about their journey and tells why they switched to ReactJS, how they use the Microsoft .NET technology stack and how happy he is with the Azure cloud.

Rotageek website download interview mp3
Nick Mann CTO Rotageek